Tarot Zoom Gatherings

Paradox of Pandemic, March 21, 2020

Discussions with Patti Ashley, PhD, http://pattiashley.com, and Billie Ortiz, https://wakeuptoyourdreams.com and a group of dreamers and healers coming together to discuss the metaphor and symbolism of the “waking global nightmare” shared by all humanity

Viewing the Pandemic as the Fool’s Journey,
April 4, 2020


Pandemic from Perspective of the Hanged Man,
pril 25, 2020


The Tower as Dramatic Liberation, 5/16/20


Strength of Perseverance During the Pandemic, 6/6/20


And Justice for All, 6/27/20

Hermit as Sacred Seclusion, 7/18/20

Temperance – The Fusion of Opposites, 8/15/20

Death as Radical Transformation – 9/19/20


Patti and Billie met in 2008 and found they had many similar interests—dreamwork, fairy tales, mythology and loving the mystery of this crazy life. Patti has created a psychotherapy model that embraces all of those things and helps individuals find the authentic life they are meant to live. Billie has a deep understanding of dreamwork and metaphor and offers individual and group dreamwork. Together they strive to bring imagination to the forefront in order to spark compassion and unconditional love.

To learn more Patti’s work:

Visit: https://pattiashley.com/