Interviews with Billie about Dreams and Dreamwork

These interviews and Dream Symbol Moments were all recorded in 2008.

Episode 1

Certified Dreamworker, Billie Ortiz joins us today to share how her dreams led her to become the Dreamworker she is today.  It’s going on 11 years since Billie first attended a dream meeting with others to unmask the messages in her dreams. Billie would have never guessed at that time that those dream meetings so long ago would lead her along this path of assisting others to their fullest potential through their dreams. In this episode Billie shares stories of her unfolding journey and how her dreams continue to provide her with amazing information to live her life to the absolute fullest.

Show Highlights:

* How did Billie discover Dreamwork?
* How insomnia, anxiety and confusion played a role in Billie’s discovery
* Billie’s dreams gave her the info & the courage she needed to shift her life’s focus
* How one particular day’s experience of getting to a training provided a HUGE “aha!” moment in Billie becoming a Dreamworker

Episode 2

Billie shares how utilizing Projective Dreamwork can not only reveal the hidden message in the mystery of our dreams, but also assist and support us in our waking realities, in our relationships within all of life.

Show Highlights:

* Group Experience ~ Creating community, resonance through relationship
* Using the “If it were my dream…I…” format; taking on the dream as if it were our own
* Billie’s mentor and friend, Jeremy Taylor
* “The Dreamworker’s Toolkit” ~ 6 guidelines to discovering the messages in our dreams

Episode 3

* Does everyone dream?
* What if I can’t remember my dreams? I don’t even know if I’m having any!

Billie offers profound yet simple insights to help understand that not only does everyone dream…but that we all have the power to remember our dreams and to be active recipients of the messages they provide. Billie shares a wonderful list of tools to help us remember our dreams.

Show Highlights:

* Dreams are 1/2 of our lives…if we’re not paying attention we’re missing half of what our lives have to teach us!
* With practice we can all remember our dreams
* Billie’s “How (and why) You Should Record Your Dreams” Checklist

Episode 4

In today’s episode Dreamworker, Billie Ortiz joins us to share two of the most profound personal dreams she has ever had.

You MUST listen to these stories! What Billie describes in this episode is powerful and brilliant proof of the depth of wisdom and information that our dreams have to offer us.

The dreams that Billie shares today have had an intense impact on her life and have been immensely integral to the scheme of others life experiences as well.

Enjoy today’s episode…feel into the magic and power inherent in the message…may you all be blessed with abundant dreams during your sleep time and your waking realities! Remember…Earth~Harmony~Home…It’s YOUR world…Dream It…BE It! :0)

Billie has been one of our most amazing, treasured guests on Earth~Harmony~Home. We are deeply grateful for her energy, passion and willingness to open the door to our dreamtime awareness.


Dream Symbol Moments

Time 14:15

Billie discusses why she decided to put together this series of Dream Symbol Moments. We can all discover our fullest potential through a better understanding of our dreams and ultimately learn to live more authentically. In this episode Billie shares why this series was important to put together but how it was a monumental task to undertake.
Show Highlights:

  • Why do dreams symbols speak in metaphor?
  • Why it is impossible to try and limit the dream symbols to a few simple definitions
  • Why we can never really get to the “juice” of our dreams all on our own
  • Why the “if it were my dream format” is important
  • How dreams are expansive and help to evolve our consciousness

Time 3:22

Billie shares how water is one of the most universal dream symbols there is. Show Highlights:

  • Water as “life force ~ life source”
  • Paying attention to the condition of the water shown in the dream
  • Relating the water symbol in the dream to emotion but also to life force energy

Vehicles in Dreams
Time 10:14

Listen to discussion of how to look closely at the transportation symbols that appear in the dreams:

  • Is it a personal vehicle, (bicycle, car, etc.)?
  • Or is it a community vehicle (bus, plane, train etc.)?

Discussion on how ultimately the vehicle that appears in the dream helps to represent how we’re moving through life; i.e., are things going smoothly or are there obstructions along the way?

Water in the House
Time 7:00

Listen to discussion about:

  • Why do dreams so often show kitchens and bathrooms?
  • What is the symbolism of leaks into the house in the dream image?
  • Is the water coming into the house pointing to a physical health issue?

Death in Dreams
Time 9:55

Is the bank robber trying to kill us in the dream actually performing a vital service to our growth and change?

Listen to discussion about how Death as a dream symbol can represent:

  • Transformation
  • Radical Change
  • The archetype of the Willing Sacrifice

Bodies of Water
Time: 8:08

What is the significance when we dream about a specific body of water; for instance:

  • Dreaming of the ocean as opposed to a pond, lake or river?
  • How does the condition of the water relate to emotional and/or physical health?
  • Why do we dream about water so often?

Universal Weather Symbols
Time: 7:53

Listen to a discussion about Universal Weather Symbols that show up in our dreams:

  • What does it mean when we dream about Rain?
  • What about when Snow appears?
  • What is the archetypal meaning of “stormy weather” such as Hurricanes or Tornadoes?

Flying in Dreams
Time: 9:14

Listen to a discussion about the symbolism of what flying in a dream might mean:

  • Is the dream inviting us to look at our life more creatively?
  • What is the archetypal meaning of “ascension” in a dream?
  • How does dreaming of flying help us in our daily life?

Breathing Underwater
Time: 4:55

Listen to a discussion about the symbolism of what “Breathing Underwater” in a dream might mean:

  • Is the dream image of “breathing underwater” helping us to feel less emotionally overwhelmed?
  • Do our dreams of water evolve over time to show our progress with emotional challenges?
  • Is the dream image inviting us to “dive in” more deeply into the experiences of our lives, no matter how challenging?

Lucidity in Dreams
Time: 9:08

  • Does becoming lucid* in our dreams help us to transcend illusion?
  • What are the different levels of lucidity?
  • Do we become lucid in our dreams in order to expand our consciousness?

(*lucid; when we become aware in a dream that we are dreaming)