What a great session! I always come away enriched and love working with others’ dreams. I’m learning so much from all the talented participants.



Thank you! This session enlightened something in my dream that I wasn’t seeing at all and which was super obvious and important (personal blind spot!). Group work really goes where solitary inquisition can’t go.

-Patricia E.


I have loved every session so very much. Billie is warm, compassionate, wise and wonderful. I am always amazed at the wealth of insights and deep understanding that she displays via dreamwork. Through the countless sessions I have had with Billie, I have learned so much about myself and my psyche. She is a gentle teacher, always beaming with love and beauty.



As always, our dream group never disappoints. I have been sitting with the associations from my dreamshare ever since. It has really been a delightful unfolding…leaving lots of spaces for me to sit with the dream images. They have provided lots of refuge here lately. 🙂




Abundance of Life Giving spirit energy & confidence flows through and out of me after your “Dream Group” sessions. I am grateful for you & for your gathering of people who graciously share their wisdom and dreams.

Blessings, Pat M.


I especially appreciate how many things [when working dreams in a group] can be simultaneously true about a single component of a dream. Three people may offer different insights on a particular part of the dream, and all three may resonate with the dreamer in some way. It’s a layering effect and really broadens the dream and what it has to offer.

– Sharyn


Connection is so important and I feel now that connection to oneself is equally important, for what we project into the world flows outward and the more we resonate with compassion, that will help us to heal.

Thanks for facilitating such a soulful, creative, and enjoyable “dream capsule” for us to ride in together. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and look forward to attending again.



Every workshop of yours that I’ve attended has been transitional for me. The weekends are eye-opening! [They] open up doors for me. I’m realizing more and more that [a deeper understanding of] the quiet, persistent unconscious can be an antidote for my habitual ‘tunnel vision.’



“How is it that we come to be alive as human beings?”

—Sogyal Rinpoche

Sogyal Rinpoche’s question is one to which I have given much thought. It has motivated me, as a “human being”, to attempt to discover how to become the most authentic human being I could be.  Would “dream work”  provide insights, tools to assist in my quest? Answers to these questions were the motivation for attending my first dream work retreat with Billie Ortiz.

Billie and her dreamers introduced me to a world of metaphor, mythology, and spirituality. I learned “all dreams come in the service of health and wholeness”, ” all dreams have multiple meanings and layers of significance”, and no dreams tell us what we already know.   The dreamers I met  are extraordinary, as is Billie, who is insightful and wise and who provided a safe environment for all to explore our individual reality.  I felt enriched, exhilarated, and soul-stretched by the experience.

I believe dream work will give me insights to help open the door to the discovery and better understanding of my authentic self.

–Patricia M.


I try to attend all of Billie’s retreats because dream work feeds my soul and awakens me to heightened meanings for how I navigate my actual world. Billie creates a safe space, and she is amazingly insightful, as are other members of every group I’ve experienced. Whenever I think I know the meaning of a dream I tell to the group, I’m astounded by all of the other possible meanings that are suggested. Dream work, even when working someone else’s dream, helps me know myself at a deeper and more honest level, pushing me along on my path to individuation.


Billie, Thanks for the soulful and affirming dream camp! I’ve been carrying the positive feelings all week such as feeling I’m rediscovering a precious thing that was lost–and gratitude at being seen for who I truly am by a group of kind and supportive fellow travelers and dreamers. Thirteen thankyous and looking forward to the fall retreat!



“Thanks so much for facilitating the group last night. It was/is very powerful for me. I felt very excited after I left; about the possibilities dreamwork holds for me. I feel like the most amazing and powerful thing about dreamwork is that “we” can take any dream – no matter how seemingly awful, weird, unfathomable; and see the incredible gifts/ healing potential in it! I need that!!!”
— Jackie

“The weekend was amazing for me… very profound… . Words don’t do my experience justice. It’s always amazing & sort of magical as to what happens in the group… almost like we become a musical instrument that the Universe/god/collective unconscious is playing (a string instrument, in my imagining… each string affecting every other &
resonating, etc.). Thank you again!”
— Lynn

“Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we enjoyed the workshop this past weekend. Interesting side effect was a euphoric sense that stayed with us for 2 days; we did not work on any of our own dreams so it must be the group consciousness lifting us up. Interesting because this is the first time that either of us has experienced a prolonged “high” after a spiritual event. WOW!
— Richard and Margi

“I’ve known Billie since 2003, when I heard about her Sunrise Ranch Dream Retreat with Jeremy Taylor. I attended this retreat and have been hooked on projective dream work ever since! Billie is an undeniable leader in this community; she’s constantly out there organizing and promoting education in this genre. I have found her to be as adept in introducing dream analysis concepts to beginners in dream work as she is in coaching professionals to look even deeper into themselves. In short, she’s an inspiring teacher and I am lucky to have her as a mentor and colleague.”
— Brenda

“Thanks to you all so much for your friendly welcome. I really felt good about the group energy. Billie, I thank-you for your dream knowledge and facilitation expertise and look forward to sharing more “nighttime stories” together.”
— Barb

“Thanks for the phone session today. It really helped. I feel lighter and happier and more hopeful than I have in quite a while.”

“Thank you again! I feel lighter, like a big weight has lifted off my shoulders. Love and Blessings.”
— Alicia

“Thanks a million for your gentle and spot-on insights today! There is much to consider and much that touched my heart.”
— Char

“Last night was amazing. I can’t wait to get the CD. I think I’m transitioning into something closer to my real self because of your sessions.”
— Donna

“You breathe new life into my dreams. I feel privileged to have your insights in my dream interpretations.”
— Marci

“Billie – Powerful session — just keeps getting better — which goes to show that the more we open ourselves the more we are enriched.  Thanks for what you do to help bring the world to consciousness — one dream at a time!”
— Jean

“You helped me go way deeper into the specifics of the dream and to emerge with such important information. Thank you!  I feel like curtains have parted and I’ve stepped into a sacred space. I can’t tell you how transformed I feel from this work.”
— Irene

It was everything I needed; nurturance/community, insight and healing”.
— Joy

“Thank you for creating this retreat and creating in it lots of room for each unique expression of the whole.”
— Sharon

“Thanks for dreaming of and organizing such a wonderful workshop. ‘Twas wonderful!”
— Sandy

“Thank you for all you do in adding light to the planet.”
— Star

“THANK YOU for doing this work and allowing others to be so freely engaged. The circle of support that you both provided, each with your unique gifts, is beyond description. And for someone like me [who] had not been at a retreat or workshop for eleven years, I could not have asked for a better opportunity to reawaken a very important part of me.