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In 1996, I was on a soul’s quest, seeking something that would enthuse me and give me a sense of belonging and purpose. During my spiritual journey, I came upon Dr. Ron Masa, who invited me to join his dream group. I ended up becoming a permanent fixture of the group for the next five years! I was enthralled as to how each dreamer, regardless of their age, gender, race or socioeconomic status, found helpful guidance through a deeper understanding of their dreams.

In 2000, I attended a Jeremy Taylor workshop, which opened my eyes to the gentle power of the projective method of dreamwork. I witnessed how by using the “if it were my dream” format, all of us began to communicate in an egalitarian and empathetic way. Every dream became everybody’s dream. I had an epiphany that weekend realizing, not only are the dreams healing for us as individuals, but the compassionate sharing between a group with the common purpose of a deeper understanding of our dreams can ultimately be healing for the entire planet.

Billie and Jeremy Taylor 2007

Billie and Jeremy at Sunrise Ranch, 2007

In 2002, I had a dream titled “Dream Camp” which inspired me to create a workshop centered around dreamwork and including other activities such as yoga, art and music, with all of us staying onsite getting to know one another throughout the weekend…sort of like camp! In August of 2003, the Dreamwork Retreat was born and is still going strong. Over the years, the retreats have blossomed into an annual event with a community of dreamers from all over the country, many of whom look forward to attending each and every time. 

Billie and Jeremy at Fall Retreat, Sept. 2015

UPDATE: Sadly, Jeremy left this physical world, January 3th, 2018, just a few weeks before his 75th birthday and only three days after the passing of his beloved wife, Kathryn Taylor, a formidable dreamworker and talented artist as well. You can learn more about Jeremy’s work and service via this link:


And here’s a link with a loving memorial written by Jeremy’s long-time friend and colleague, Matthew Fox:



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I facilitate dream groups and offer individual sessions via Zoom. I also teach classes about Fairy Tales and Myth as well as dreamworker training. I dedicate many hours to my passion/calling of enlightening others to the endlessly fascinating and infinitely rewarding world of dreams and metaphor!

You can contact me at:

billie@wakeuptoyourdreams.com or call 303-929-6122